【手工木桶腊肉焖饭丨Handmade Wooden Barrel Chinese Bacon Rice】小喜XiaoXi丨Traditional Crafts丨Cooking in Village



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28 thoughts on “【手工木桶腊肉焖饭丨Handmade Wooden Barrel Chinese Bacon Rice】小喜XiaoXi丨Traditional Crafts丨Cooking in Village”

  1. 很佩服你的工匠精神 不过这个网红饭 真的超难吃 作为一个会做饭的人来讲 换过好几次食材还是很难吃 远不如炒饭好吃 这种做法就是宿舍里的学生一不会做饭二没有灶台 鼓捣出来的邪教吃法

  2. Propaganda film from the chinese communist party. They killed everyone who could do that 80 years ago. They erased all skills and traditions in the "cultural revolution". Look at everything in this clip, it new: the apron, clothes, shoes, plants, dog, the actor never worked with his hands in his life. It's all a movie set to make you think it's real China. You can only see things like this in Hong Kong which they are destroying now.

  3. These videos are great to watch but you really gotta wonder how does a village man, who has a cottage industry, hv access to a camera man that has the know how to make it look like a documentary that could be used in any educational setting? I don’t really get it. And this is not the first of these videos that show the stunning camera work involved in following the subject around forests and gardens and multiple angles. Geez!

  4. This and liz videos are great. There crafted very well, film makers should note. She found a Niche, that she can make money from. Good for her. ( know little about this guy). Country life is wonderful, but work even if you have all the help you need.
    She offer, a great video, take it for that.

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