Bad relationship! Abuse in handmade aquarium May 2019

It has been a month since Mr.Mogwin(name of the role. The real thing https://www.youtube.com/user/megwin )’s rebuttal video was released.

Deception and falsehood are revealed and the two are exposed to criticism.
Finally take #dangerous action.

This video is fiction and has nothing to do with real people or organizations.
Also, the name of the organization that appears in the work is wnnn.


I want to stop video distribution. Tell the truth!|Ready to delete

同時通訳超超超有名YouTuber|Simultaneous interpretation-suuuuuuuuuupeeeeeer famous YouTuber

※Japanese version of this video.
決裂!てよ丸水産(アクアリウム) の巻 2019年5月


13 thoughts on “Bad relationship! Abuse in handmade aquarium May 2019”

  1. 謎の数字210365→210297


  2. Hmm, haven't they ever reised fish?
    And their faces look like bad guys.
    A while ago, Sea Shepherd seems to have headed to their office UUUM.
    I wish Sea Shepherd won't kill them.Jesus.

  3. メグウィンさん鼻折れてるのに二回戦やろうなんてパワハラする人なら絶対そんなこといいませんよね!!客のこともちゃんと考えて盛り上げるためにそのような言葉を、さすがメグウィンさんだと思いましたね!!

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