Craft Show Success | Largest Show | Holiday Handmade | Make more money selling handmade

Craft Show Success | Largest Show | Holiday Handmade | Make more money selling handmade

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25 thoughts on “Craft Show Success | Largest Show | Holiday Handmade | Make more money selling handmade”

  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing about your set up and how the show went. Where was this show at? My husband restores cast iron and we are looking for more shows to do.

    I am starting my own business small handmade business and it has some signs, trays ,decorative jars.. you know all the cute things for your home, I'm trying to figure out the perfect Niche for me … I noticed you do a variety of things as well… have you been told that you should only do one or two things? I know you have a couple of things that are pretty specific but you do ornaments and seasonal things as well and that's what I want to be able to do …but still having everything look cohesive … I really gravitate to Farmhouse rustic Style with a little bit of boho and vintage but at times I also enjoy some Glam Chic and modern look 🤯 I really do love about all of it and I want to be able to touch a diverse group of people but again I want to be able to stay online at this point in time. I thinknim worried about not reaching enough people if I'm too specific, or of getting bored since I love so many design styles .. I guess all in all- how did you find your niche? how long did it take you to get there and what do you think about somebody going online and doing it in a boutique style with multiple items and still finding a way for it to be cohesive while still enjoying a multiple variety of styles? I really hope this makes sense and if you don't see this question I hope that you have somebody else asks this sort.of question u can answer . . I've been doing a few shows but it's been very stressful and they've not been big shows , I'm still.in the very beginning stages …. but —- I do love your channel!!! thanks for showing us everything you do it shows how great of a person you are to be selling items and still be willing to show us how you make things so For that I am so appreciative! Oh and your booth looked amazing!

  3. That's dedication getting on the highway in an ice storm! Your booth looked great! I just noticed you hit 70 plus thousand subs! What a great support system you have☺ Can't wait for your new video series🤓. Get some rest you deserve it!

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