Dorm Decor: Desk Organizer- HGTV Handmade

Organize your desk using upcycled materials to get you ready for back to school! Which one do you like better?

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40 thoughts on “Dorm Decor: Desk Organizer- HGTV Handmade”

  1. i have been going through a steam punk phase lately so i was really excited when i saw this video and i thought when i made mine i was going to make it steampunk theme

  2. Why not try mailing tubes, you can get those at walmart and they are wider and would be sturdier then TP and PT (ha ha I just realized toilet paper … paper towels TP PT little things amuse me)  they are wider too.

  3. I most definitely want to do this one, I have several heavy duty tubes just itching to become something special.  I have an idea on how to had possibly use angles in this as well.  BUT… I gotta find something heavy to use as a base because otherwise my cat is just going to knock it over every time I turn around (home office). 

  4. I'm gonna do this for my makeup brushes because I have short and long brushes and it's annoying that the long brushes cover the shirt brushes… Anyways, thanks for the idea 🙂

  5. PVC pipes would also work. Plus you can get them cut at the store and they're wider so they can hold more stuff. Great design meg! I'm definitely making one to use as a planter outdoors and doing some funky colorblock design on them.

  6. I really loved the one with the contact paper and the painted base 🙂 It's a lovely idea!! I just wanted to know if normal toilet paper rolls would be sturdy enough because i really dont have any hard fabric rolls…thanks for the really creative DIY 🙂

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