Handmade Bow vs Computer : TOUGHER Than We Thought

This is the first of a new series of videos where we get out of the shop and have some random fun. In today’s video, we are putting my newly crafted Osage Orange bow to the test, against an old Mac computer. I start by sending a series of arrows at the computer from different distances, and finish off by taking an axe, maul, and sledge hammer to finish the job.

Let us know what you think about this type of video, and if you have other ideas of things of this nature that you would like to see, please comment.

If you are interested in seeing the video where I make the Osage bow that I am using, you can check it out here…

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26 thoughts on “Handmade Bow vs Computer : TOUGHER Than We Thought”

  1. I'm always amused by people that think they can stop people getting the data by destroying the computer… There was a Defcon talk a few years back about how hard it is to destroy a hard drive in an "emergency." Short of taking a nailgun to the hard drive, some data could usually be recovered. Edit: looking for a link to the right video. Seems the presenter gives a talk on this every year, with new research. Link to video(I think)… https://youtu.be/6JPwXjCZj6o . Take away is your data's never safe if the drive platters leave your custody.

  2. Hi Dustin "Tell" Jajaja Guillermo Tell (William Tell) shooted an appel in the past, you a couple of days ago….. You have made something dreamed for a lot of people in an office. You are a hero. Greetings from Madrid

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