Handmade Egg Pasta | Hand Rolled & Shaped 9 Ways

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How can something so simple be so delicious, but yet few venture to make their own fresh handmade egg pasta.  Learning to make fresh egg pasta might seem daunting at first, but if you follow the time tested steps and with a little practice you’ll be making your own fresh pasta too.
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42 thoughts on “Handmade Egg Pasta | Hand Rolled & Shaped 9 Ways”

  1. Damn man. Looks like you've done this once or twice before. My brother and I are gonna give it a shot this week. The one that's rolled on the ghnocci board. Cavatoppi

  2. Many, many years ago I would visit my friend's house on Saturday afternoons and her grandmother, mom, and aunt were always making fresh pasta. They had clean sheets laid out all over the house to dry the pasta..but what I remember is that they had the Italian music blasting, they were drinking wine, making fresh pasta which was all over the house. I miss those days! I started making plain noodles awhile ago which are really good but your techniques look so much better and I am anxious to make it…turn on some Italian music..little wine and all is good with the world! Thanks for the inspiration! Can this be frozen and do you know what shelf life it has…although I can't imagine having it around that long!

  3. Incrível, eu não fazia idéia de como é simples fazer a massa do macarrão, e você demonstra isso com perfeição!
    Parabéns pelo vídeo, agora você tem mais um inscrito!

  4. Love it!🙂 Brings back great memories of helping my mom on sundays making the pasta and arguying with my sister about who was rolling the cavatellis wrong 😄😄.

  5. For southern Italy pasta the dough is wrong, it need the semola (you call it "semolina", better if regrind type), sometimes with a little amuont of wheat flour, water, at most one egg.

  6. I'm in my 60's and have been making homemade pasta for as long as I can remember growing up in an Italian house. This is without a doubt one of the best videos I've seen done to teach someone how to shape the pasta, brilliant!

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