Handmade Metallic Paints by KJDesignbyKaren | Review

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21 thoughts on “Handmade Metallic Paints by KJDesignbyKaren | Review”

  1. Yes! They are stunning! Going to check them out! Have a couple of people I know would love these for Christmas! Love both the pictures you colored with the paints. Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜‰ ❀.

  2. They're so pretty! just looked through her Etsy store and every colour is amazing! 😍😍 Will definitely have to get some to add to my collection, I might treat myself after Christmas 😊

  3. You make me drool over these paints! My hand is not steady anymore so I have stuck coloring with pencils mainly. My last attempt at painting was a bit of a disaster….I just love the look of these paints however. Nice review!!

  4. Thank You so much Claire for the link to buy these Amazing watercolor Metallic Paints, because i've watch Claire Holoway tutorials and after i wen't to Etsy i enter the name and NOWAY can't found Karen, and i had kind of 107 pages to check so i gave up and whe you've say you will made a review for these Fantastic paints i knew i would have absolutely all of the infos and the link to finally go and buy these Paint which i did yesterday, so Claire you really do excellent reviews and very generous of your time to post all whe need and gave all of these great infos so Big Hugs for that Claire you are TOP! I love the bigger set Oh MY but can't afford to payed that price but she had great kits and whe could choose the colors whe wan't so can't wait to recieved these and gave it a try because the colors are super Beautiful!

  5. These paints are absolutely Stunning! I do have a question. Can you use a watercolor brush pens with these or do you have to use a regular paint brush. Thanks for the review!!🌞

  6. I love these!!! I love sparkly! So can you color on top of these? I love the shine, but they look one dimensional so I'd like to add highlights and shadows on top. Will color pencils work? I'm thinking ink and paint would, but no experience with this.

  7. I bought six paints from Karen's store, and I'm incredibly pleased with them in every way (Shy Violet is especially stunning). Better yet, even though I live in the western US, they arrived very quickly – so quickly that I couldn't even leave a review on Etsy for a few days.

    I will definitely be buying from her shop again in the future.

  8. I love her paints and have been using them for a while now. They are very well made and high quality! They are more than worth the money spent on them. And, yes, they are gorgeous. Your video was wonderful and so very informative. But, I still feel like there is really no way to do these wonderful paints justice in pictures or video; they are just too beautiful. I highly recommend them as well!!

  9. These paints are beautiful! I'm in love ☺️ of course I've got to get these! Thank you for another fantastic review! I used to paint all the time then life then Johanna Bashford brought out the secret garden and I discovered prismacolor! I would love to add paint to my stuff and these are perfect! I just need to decide what colours, I want them all, I'll start with gold and silver ☺️

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