Handmade Rose Bear – Valentines Day Gift For Her

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Real flowers are nice and all, but have you seen the Rose Bear?

This Handmade Rose Bear is the hottest and most viral gift of 2020.

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Preserved Rose Bear Features:

Beautiful, natural roses preserved to last 3 years
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Guaranteed to make her light up when she sees it
Brilliant finish in your choice of 4 different colors
Completely unique, there truly is nothing else like it
Top secret rose preservation techniques

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What Is A Preserved Rose Bear?

Real preserved roses in the high-quality finish of your choice
Roses will last 1-3 years, so your gift won’t wither and die
The perfect gift – roses, AND something she can cuddle with!
The best gift you can possibly give your girl
Each rose bear is approximately 9in X 8in X 5in

A perfect anniversary or Christmas gift that looks great in your loved one’s home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Do The Flowers Last? Forever. The flowers are made of foam and will not fade or lose their form.
How is the Rose Bear Made? Using a styrofoam mold of a bear, each Foam Colored Rose is handmade for a beautiful seamless & even look.