Interview with Maker of Handmade Sculptures & Figurines from Compressed Sawdust

In today’s Meet the Maker series, we introduce you to Ms.Julie, an artist who is doing very well with one of the most spectacular handmade sculptures & figurines from compressed sawdust. After being involved with a small sawdust business in her own village, Miss Julie had an idea of extending this business into a larger global market for export which was the reason and motivation to create more designs for her products. Made purely from sawdust and glue and completely hand molded, these works of art always fascinates us due to their intricate and charming nature of the diverse range of animals that these artisans create. From geckos to iguanas, and dragons to turtles, each have their own unique look which makes many of our buyers consider them as good sellers. Furthermore, they are reinforced inside with metal wiring so all delicate spots are strong for shipment and handling. Both used as showcase products and functional pieces, they all have their own distinct selling points, whether it be simple decorative standing iguanas and dragons, or practical products such as animal pencils, incense burners, and trinket boxes.

In the next video after this one, Ms.Julie goes through with us one by one the steps of production in detail. You can be sure to appreciate all the handcrafted processes that goes into producing every single piece. We are so proud of her and her manufacturing team and hope you enjoy these two videos on her artful capacity.


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