Testing RING MAKING Craft Kit – Handmade Wooden Rings How To

In this SoCraftastic video we’re making RINGS with this wooden ring making craft kit for beginners! It’s a craft kit testing video / how to for some professional looking, handmade jewelry. Watch me unbox & test this Amazon craft kit & create rings from wood that you could use as an engagement ring or wear as a fun accessory with any outfit. Find out how to make your own rings out of wood in this craft kit testing episode! #SoCraftastic

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– Comment #1 = Tell me which ring you like best / want to win + that you’re entering on this video
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– Ring Sizes : White = 4 Light Brown = 5.5 Black = 11 (it did crack, but it’s still wearable / could possibly be repaired?)

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Testing RING MAKING Craft Kit – Handmade Wooden Rings How To : https://youtu.be/RwhCI_oeYpk



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  1. So much for youtube being a creative outlet sounds like there getting worse then a private school with all their BS rules its almost like we need a antiyoutube or something and should be free and not have to pay a cent just cause they want to be like disney and take control over everybody and everything
    Just putting it out there and saying …….

  2. This channel has gone from a craft and art channel to just a kit testing channel.
    What happened to wreck this journal? Or crafty Friday? Or duct tape, polymer clay tutorials? Or drawing tutorials? Even art challenges were better than what this channel has become. Smh

  3. I am sorry the "bean counters" at the corporate offices are making life even harder for our favorite YouTubers! I already commented on your last video and I do not really need a ring. I thought you did a good job on all of them! Ring breakage (Esp wood) is just a fact of life in the jewelry making biz! I often wonder how the serious jeweler's work with the limitations? I have enjoyed your testing videos, I hope you continue, I am betting the new "restrictions" are coming from people losing money (Read Corporate here) from people not continuing to buy the JUNK Kits! when you or another (NerdECrafter) warn them of a bad "carp" kit! Keep up the fantastic job! I am looking for more wood burning demo's if your still looking for idea's.

  4. Loved this. I'd been fascinated by these since I saw a etsy that converts old broken skateboards into rings. I might have to get this kit. If you still have some of the wood from the ring that cracked by chance. You could make some wood putty by sanding it and mixing it with wood glue and dabbing it in. Would need some light finishing to be made smooth but, it'd fix it.

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